11 March 2014

GYNEMEDIA, the Fast Newsletter by Gynemed

in thisissue draws a wide line from the experiences with the time lapse system PrimoVision, via experiences with a permanent testosterone therapy to a statment by the ASRM concerning potential misconduct in assisted reproduction.

Furthermore we revieweda current study for you, reporting on the correlation between melatonin and its necessity in precocious pregnancy....read more




20. Februar 2014

Important considerations of vitrification and thawing with cryotop-SC

...lesen Sie mehr




18 February 2014

New at Gynemed

In addition to the reliable epT.I.P.S. Gynemed is going to broaden the product group of pipette tips. As of the end of February we will offer extra long, multi flexible pipette tips....read more




14 February 2014

Change of Products

As of January 2014 the company Cryos has divested its product-line of cell-culture media to the company Gynotec B.V.. The certificates of analasys for each batch as of now can be found at "Zertifikate" subcategory "Cryos/Gynotec Andrologie".

This change affects the following media:

  • SpermWash
  • SpermFilter 40%
  • SpermFilter 80%
  • SpermFilter 100%
  • SpermCryo All-round



05 February 2014

As of now at Gynemed...

MEA tested serological Pipettes wit opposing scale for an easier measurement of the volumes and a cotton plug...read more




27 January 2014


Validation of the sperm class analyser CASA system for sperm counting in a busy diagnostic semen analysis laboratory




16 January 2014


"Neonatal and neurodevelopmental outcome of children aged_3-10 years born following assisted oocyte activation"

by F. Vanden Meerschaut, E. D´Haeseleer, H. Gysels. Y. Thienpont, G. Dewitte, B. Heindryckx, A. Oostra, H. Roeyers, K. Van Lierde, P. De Sutter



14 January 2014

GYNEMEDIA the fast newsletter by Gynemed

In the first issue of 2014 we focus on the report by Mrs Prof D. Vaamonde, letting us know the Spanish point of view regarding the Annexin-V columns. Further we are pleased to be able to offer you further certified dishes and sperm cups for reproductive medicine from now on....learn more



13 Januar 2014

New at Gynemed

As announced on the 13'th  Gynemed Symposiums Gynemed added VOC-free markers (VOC- volatile organic compounds) , colours black, red, green and blue,  to the assortment in December.
Thus you will no longer encounter an annoying odeur on opening the cap of a marker or while marking dishes.




13 Januar 2014

Seminar and Hands-on Workshop concerning Cryopreservation

A Seminar/ Workshop on cryopreservation of human ovarian tissue will be held on Thursday, February 2'nd 2014 at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics of University of Cologne...learn more



09 January 2014

Laminaria versus Dilapan:osmotic cervical dilators for outpatient treatment

In the comparison of 1001 patients Laminaria cuts the better figure...read more



01 Dezember 2013

Updated insructions for use
The instructions for use of GM501 Collagenase has been updated. There have been no changes to the protocol for use. The valid instruction for use you will find here...








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