29 July 2014

Slow Release Insemination (SRI)






25 July 2014


On September 16'th and October 14'th there will be Cryotop vitrification hands-on-workshop in cooperation with DIBIMED - Kitazato in Valencia.

On interest please contact us: info(at)gynemed.de




GUS Desinfektionsstation

21 July 2014

GUS Disinfection Soak Station

Using GUS-systems for ultrasound you can safely work with disinfectants, disinfect your probe within 5 minutes, save 60% of disinfectants...read more (German only)



18 Juli 2014


" Measuring human error in the IVF laboratory using an electronic witnessing system"

A.R. Thornhill, X. Orriols Brunetti, S. Bird




Evie Pumpe

15 July 2014

IUI was yesterday – today's name of the game is EVIE
Slow Release Insemination (SRI)
As of now we are distributingthe EVIE Pump.
Find out more (German only)




03 Juli 2014



In this issue we are presenting abstracts about topics from the annual ESHRE Congress that just ended, and from the ALPHA Conference that took place in the usually sunny Antalya with constant rains from May, 9-11.

Furthermore we report on the presentation by Ms Brauer, company Gynemed, who, regarding her dissertation, is dealing with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their influences on the conditions for cultivation in IVF...read more






19 June 2014

Novelties by IVF Tech

IVF Tech will present their novelties at the ESHRE in Munich on stand E10 - E15 and D16 - D19 on Sunday, 29'th of June, 19:00.

Get your first impressions...here




13 June 2014

Annual Symposium of the RZBW

Prof. em. W.  Breckwoldt, Freiburg, a pioneer of endocrinology and reproductive medicine this year celebrates his 80'th birthday.

In his honor the RZBW devotes its annual symposium to him. Read more (German only)...




12 June 2014

SpermFuncⓇ DNAf  Halotest: Kit for the Determination of DNA-Fragmentation

Different studies revealed that the fragmentation of DNA among spermatozoa is mainly caused by exessive production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), by pathologic adoptosis and by deviant arrangement of the Chromosomes. As a result spermatozoa with DNA-fragmentation is associated with infertility, recurrent abortions and poor pregnancy-rates...read more (German only)






05 Jun 2014

ESHRE 2014 - This Years Presentations on RI Stand E71

RI would like to invite you to hear from industry professionals about current hot topics within embryology. Join us at stand E71 on Monday 30th June and Tuesday 1st July to take part in this year's series of short presentations on cutting edge procedures and technologies.n RI Stand E71...lesen Sie mehr





01 Dezember 2013

Updated insructions for use
The instructions for use of GM501 Collagenase has been updated. There have been no changes to the protocol for use. The valid instruction for use you will find here...








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